News/Upcoming Events:

1) Apply NOW: Membership forms are available now for our summer CSA.  Get your fresh, organically and locally grown veggies, weekly, June through October!! The Harlem Harvest People’s Market will also be starting up again in June—every Thursday, in front of the Garden!

2) Project Harmony, Inc. is the recipient of a Manhattan Borough President’s “MCAP” award; funds which will help to support the purchase of organic, locally-grown produce for our people’s Market, enabling us to sell it at a reduced rate to local residents, and supporting Claudio Gonzalez, whose local, family farm supplies most of the produce.

3) Project Harmony and the Joseph Daniel Wilson Memorial Garden are participating in “Building Healthy Communities” –an initiative sponsored jointly by GreenThumb and the Department of Health, which will involve growing and distributing healthy vegetables/food, and healthy food prep workshops & demos. More on that later!!

4) BEES! BEES! BEES! That’s right—we will have three bee hives in the JD Wilson Garden this summer! More pollination! More honey! Though as you know, we don’t take the honey from new hives for at least a year or two—but we can always taste!;-)

5) The Annual Easter Egg Hunt will take place on Saturday, April 15th. Time to be announced!! Watch for flyers. It will be a belly of fun—with games, prizes, and eggs, eggs, eggs !!!

6) New York Cares Day—Big Spring cleaning and garden refresher—painting, pruning, mulching, refreshing the vertical garden boxes and more—coming up on APRIL 22!!

7) Spring blossoms—despite the weather ups and downs, we’re hoping for a superfluousness spring show of daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, alliums— much.much more! We’re hoping the forsythia, which was fooled into bloom much too early comes back, as well as the flowering fruit trees, lilac, trumpet vine, and more. We hope it will,,as before, be a glorious April, May & June!

8) Project Harmony is this year participating in the GreenThumb sponsored Youth Leadership Council. We’ve already met our three outstanding college “mentors” and greatly look forward to meeting our high school participants. We have big plans!

9) Keep watching for news about our June 21st SOLSTICE CONCERT, Summer workshop series, AND THE HARLEM GREEN COMMUNITY GARDEN EXPO!           (Coming up in August)